Ashley (lupinlover) wrote,


Real update with loads of pictures later. For now:

watch it! It's like twenty seconds long. crowd after Lolla ended.
Tags: lollapalooza, pictures, video
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oooooooo woah. i've heard thats a fun thing to go to
Yeah, I was afraid to go anywhere near the city this weekend..... I wanna go to Lolla some year though, it always sounds tempting, yet so expensive... XP
I think my roommate's band played in Lollapallooza?

The Lampshades?
if they did, it was early in the day. I didn't see them anyway!
oh weird I had a dream last night about looking at my booklit and seeing something like "cclampshade08" as a band name. And I was like, "how did yvette" (that person) "get their name so wrong?"
was that waiting for brent?
no, this was... not. it was probably when you guys were making your way out.