Ashley (lupinlover) wrote,

Friends Only now!

I am very exciting. You know you want to read my entries. I add everyone, I just don't want my stuff out there for everyone to see. (If you're already on my friend's list no need to comment)
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isn't it? I "made" that banner all by myself in Paint. I know it's pretty lame in comparison to what some people can make but I'm proud of it! Plus I have watched that movie four times in the last few days. Damn. I always loved it but I REALLY love it now.
*comments anyway, just to be contrary*
may I be added?
hi, should I add you? I want to read your entries but mine are all about like ~*~dramaz~*~ (my bf and I just broke up) so it might be a shitty deal for you.
yeah, add me! I kind of like dramaz, anyway. I have dramaz sometimes, too.
my entries are not so exciting as of late, though.
Hello :) What's up?
I'm interested in traveling and you seem to do/have done a lot and we could all use more friends, right?
I travel a fair amount! and work for a travel bookseller. :) I'm not the best at writing in my journal, but feeling the urge to do more lately. But yeah, more friends!